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Maurer Tree Care Services

We provide you with professional and cost effective solutions for your tree trimming and landscaping needs. Don't tackle the dangerous work yourself. Hire the professionals of Maurer Tree Care.

Thunder Storm

Storm Damage clean up

We specialize in Storm Damage clean up. We'll be there to get things back to looking good and growing healthy.

Keep your property looking pristine and the envy of the neighborhood!

Free Quotes

Know the cost of the job before work begins. Let our knowledgable sales team quote the job for free!


With over 30 years of experience, we will let you know how to make your trees healthier and stronger.

Trimming & Pruning

The heart of our business is pruning and trimming overgrown trees. This not only makes your property look better it allows the trees light to grow.

Chipping & Site Clean Up

Any maintenance done to your property involves making some kind of a mess. You should not be stuck with the clean up. We won't stick you with the work.